So you think you have what it takes to compete???   In order to compete you need to know a few things first – we are a KCBS Sanctioned Contest and follow their rules – click on  this link to see KCBS Rules.   Next you should know about our specific contest please click on this link to see the NJBBQ Competitors Booklet.  Lastly there is a entry fee of $275.00.  All applications must include an entry fee however those not selected the entry fee will be returned.  Remember you have to follow the below outlined application selection process.

The New Jersey State Barbecue Championship is an extremely popular competition on the barbecue circuit. As one of the oldest competitions on the East Coast,  with our great seashore location, what else would you expect?  Each year we develop a  waiting list of teams wishing to compete.

In order to maintain the highest level of competition, while allowing opportunity for new teams to compete against the best, we have developed an entry system outlined below.

Here is how it works…  (NEW FOR 2019 – only top 1/3 invited back and online registration)

The top 1/3  of the overall placing teams of the previous year receive a first round invitation and a chance to lock in their space before any other teams.   Those top 1/3 teams will receive their applications in our first round of mailing and have approximately 15 days to log in on our website and register and submit the contest fees.  Failure to sign up before the deadline will open that space to others.

Once the First Round deadline has passed we will wait a few days and conduct the second round.  Second Round applications consist of all other application requests. All others (bottom 2/3 from immediate prior year and all other requests) will be sent an email with instructions how to sign up and what date and time the link will be active to sign up.    By signing up it does not guarantee you a space as we will accept more sign-ups than we have space to establish a waiting list incase someone drops out.

THEN . . . Those that are selected will notified how to submit payment online.  To Simplify the process – (1) sign up to receive “an Application”, (2) Those signed up will receive notice when the  window is open to accept applications and then sign up (3) the number of teams that we have room for will be notified and asked to submit payment and (4) lastly as our insurance company requires a waiver we ask that you either turn in on arrival or email the completed waivers.

In order to recieve a competitor application please sign up on our email list.   By you signing up it assures that there will not be a mistake in your email address.   Please enter your email address and follow the instructions.

DISCLAIMER- As this is our first year for electronic applications and payment the process may change.  Those signed up will receive the proper process clearly spelled out.

IMPORTANT – Make sure you sign up annually with the above box as we change the list it points to each year.  If are asked to update – it just means you signed up before on one of our lists and when you press the submit button your information will be moved to the current year list. Thank you.

Estimated Dates for applications

January 1st – Accept application requests for that year

On or about March 1st – First Round of Applications

On or about March 15th – Second Round of Applications

(Note the time and date the online application will be opened will be e-mailed on a Saturday evening /  Sunday Morning  and at least 24 hours ahead of time so everyone has an equal opportunity to sign up)

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send an email –  the competitor email is checked on a regular basis which depending on the time of year in relationship to the contest could be anywhere from every two weeks after the event to daily just before the event.

Maybe you have what it takes to be the next
New Jersey State Barbecue Champion!!!